Traveling is one of the many things that reveal creative people’s knack of finding inspiration from anywhere. There are things to be explored and discovered that may become great fodder for interesting stories. But there are cities that literary fans will surely love. Here are some of the top travel destinations that will inspire the writer and reader in you.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires
Top reasons to visit: Home to Jorge Luis Borges influential in popularizing South American fiction, the city’s literary vibe, a place where famous writers like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Pablo Neruda once lived, cafes where writers and literary fans hang out

Dublin, Ireland
old library trinity college
Top reasons to visit: UNESCO City of Literature, the Book of Kells, Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, Dublin Writers Museum, the James Joyce Centre, National Library of Ireland, the Old Library at Trinity College

Edinburgh, Scotland
Top reasons to visit: UNESCO City of Literature, home to many famous writers, rich in literary history, Surgeon’s Hall Museum, Writer’s Museum, literary pub tour, book lovers’ tour, the Potter trail, see some of the locations for popular literary films and TV shows

Kyoto, Japan
Top reasons to visit: Birthplace of one of Japan’s best known writers Haruki Murakami, literary route following the footsteps of Japanese writers who found inspirations in the ancient capital, Philosopher’s Walk, visit the grave of the author of the Tale of – Genji Lady Murasaki Shikibu, historic attractions that have literary connections, and breathtaking scenery that continue to inspire artists and writers from around the world

London, UK
Top reasons to visit: A city featured in many great literary works, the British Library, Charles Dickens Museum, Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9¾, Pillars of Hercules, Shakespeare’s Globe, Sherlock Holmes Museum, The George Inn, bookshops at the Charing Cross Road, literary pub crawl

Melbourne, Australia
Top reasons to visit: UNESCO City of Literature; plethora of writers, bookshops, libraries, literary monuments; literary festivals, book fairs

Paris, France
Top reasons to visit: The City of Light has been immortalized in many great literary works, a city where many famous literary figures have once lived and worked, Bouquinistes along the Seine, Cimetière du Père-Lachaise to visit the tombs of Balzac, Oscar Wilde, Proust, and French playwright Molière among others; Cimetière du Montparnasse to see the tombs of Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, and Susan Sontag; Les Éditeurs, Maison de Victor Hugo, Proust’s Bedroom, literary bars and cafes

Prague, Czech Republic
Top reasons to visit: Home to many literary figures most famous of which is Franz Kafka, numerous bookshops and libraries, Kafka Museum, Tynska Literary Café and other literary cafes

St Petersburg, Russia
St Petersburg
Top reasons to visit: City featured in several literary works of Russian writers like Dostoevsky, Gogol , and Turgenev among many others; literary museums, artist’ and writers’ haven

Writing can elevate your mood just as the way baking unravels your expertise.  Most bloggers can write most effectively if they experience their thoughts or they witness the magnificence of their subjects.  Bread bloggers share the healthy goodness of bread baking at home.  They capture the essence of the baking hobby as one of the greatest passions of man through their meaningful words.  There are bread baking blogs that promote essentially the value of traditional baking and home baking.  Here are some of the aspects that bread bloggers should scribble about.

Promote the Value of Home Baking

As one of the oldest culinary arts in the world, baking has become part of our life. The bread is a staple food that is very common to every household of today. Most housewives are engaged to baking and are equipped with the best baking tools one of which is the bread machine that is best for the money. Home baking is a gratifying hobby because it is an opportunity of probing into the health of your loved ones. Instead of buying your bread needs in stores, you can just toss all your best ingredients into your bread machine and wait until it’s done baking for you.

 Promote Organic Ingredients

To make your writings more favorable and special, you have to encourage people especially the home bakers to value what is organic and discard artificial additives.  Since baking has become one of the favorite pastimes of people, well, they have to make the best out of it. This topic will cater health and most affordable baking.  Promote the health value of artisan sourdough bread, whole wheat bread,  or bread variants baked from scratch.  Just imagine the hearty joy of smelling the aroma of freshly baked bread early each morning. Making bread with organic ingredients is such a fantastic experience knowing that you are sharing this healthy food to your loved ones and friends.

bread making

Promote the Real Value of Making Your Own Bread

Although you can take the option of buying your healthy bread at the store, there is always a sense of fulfillment if you are eating your own healthy creations.  Making your own healthy bread gives you the best opportunity of controlling what goes into your bread.  Getting the hang of it can make you create your simple experiments by making your healthy rolls and loaves.

Bake the real bread and write about it! A small multigrain bread can make a difference and can inspire people to make their own loaves and rolls. Let out of the best baker in you and taste life’s simple yet greatest pleasures of eating healthy.



As much as saws are considered dangerous, these “actually” handy tools can also be amazing.

Here are some awesome stories about saws:

Wielding Centuries-Old Saws

Back in September 2015, E&E News reported this awesome story about saws in Colorado: sawyers wielded centuries-old saws, specifically crosscut saws, just to clear off a buried trail called Club Creek due to a violent wind incident in Arapaho National Forest.

Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards’ Bill Hodge also mentioned that using iconic tools such as those antique saws have some kind of power in it, considering that these tools could have been fully obsolete back then as chainsaws were more and more utilized each passing year.

Saw-Using Monkey

Humans are best known to be able to use different kinds of tools for home and work usage. But did you know that a monkey can also use tools like chainsaws in order to cut down trees, as well as spears to hunt down bush babies?

BBC One series “Spy in the Wild,” showed monkeys being able to live just like humans – or rather, being just incredibly smart, by using a chainsaw to cut down trees and spears to hunt for bush babies. What’s more, they are also the ones making the said spears!

These awesome stories about saws are simply amazing. You see, saws are not just for cutting down trees or for scaring people through horror movies like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Saws, most especially chainsaws, can be used for a lot of things. It can also be used for artistic purposes like carving wood sculptures.

Moreover, despite being one of the world’s most dangerous tools, saws are still considered as one of the handiest tools out there. There’s no need to be afraid when using it, so long as one knows how to use it properly and observe other safety measures to avoid complications or serious accidents that might cause impairment for life.

Learn more about saws, as well as the top rated chainsaw on the internet.

home office

Hitting the proverbial wall can be exasperating. The thing is that it can happen anytime to anyone. It stalls the creative process. You could be an artist, a designer, writer, or someone doing work that requires constant tapping into your creativity. Finding whatever it is that boost your creativity and get creative ideas flowing is an important life skill. It can keep you inspired and motivated to climb over walls you may find yourself up against from time to time. Here are some tips on how to improve creativity and get your creative juices flowing when you start feeling least creative.

Step back. Stop whatever it is that you are doing. There is no use staring into the wall waiting for inspiration to arrive. You have to do something, not do something, or do something else to find it. Taking a breather can be good for your mind and body. Even a 10 to 15 minute break takes your mind off what frustrates you. It can shift your attention to other things that may prove to be sources of inspirations.

Quite your mind. This approach follows the Buddhist wisdom of emptying your cup. It is essentially about clearing or unblocking your mind. One reason you may have hit a creativity block is that you have a lot of thoughts and ideas running in your head. Calming and clearing your mind is one of the many ways to get your creative juices flowing.

Refresh by catching up some sleep. Many studies have shown that sleep can affect your physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling tired and uninspired, which can affect your creativity. Make sure that you get quality sleep so you have the mental clarity and the energy to get your creative juices flowing.

Get some exercise. Exercise like running provides change of pace and scenery. An hour or 30 minutes of physical activity can boost your creativity. Exercise rejuvenates your mind and body. It is an effective way to clear mental cobwebs and reenergize your body. This is probably why many creative and highly successful people are into different types of sports such as running, triathlon, and many more.

Do something different. Side projects give you something else to do when you hit a creative wall. Doing something new or different can also exercise your brain. It diverts your attention in a more productive way.

Keep a journal. Always have a notepad or notebook with you. A lot of great and highly creative ideas appear when you least expect them. Write down your thoughts and do not edit yourself. Make your notebook a record of free-flowing ideas. You might be surprised just how much creative materials or projects you can launch from thoughts that came out of the blue.