The 5 Types of Writers

Unlike pressure washers from which can either be gas or electric, professional writers can be classified into five. Which one are you?

  1. Academic Writer

This type of writer follows particular writing and layout styles, and they use academic rhetoric in their write ups.

They are best known for being researchers who gather information from journals, textbooks, etc. and make full reports.

Academic writers publish summaries of researches, essays, dissertations, and the like. They are also responsible for editing and proofreading academic dissertations, researches, and assignments.

  1. Technical Writer

They are the writers who describe and explain a particular subject. They aim to simplify complicated technicalities and operations to be understood by an average man.

They usually write how-to guides, service manuals, and product catalogs for software and devices.

However, they go beyond those common tasks. They can work wherever complex concepts, processes, ideas, and procedures need to be explained in an understandable language.

  1. Business Writer

These types of writers are known for writing memoranda, notices, and emails. However, they could write more than those.

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Business writers can cover business letters, project proposals, business models, business plans, project reports, business presentations, marketing campaigns, policies, brand manifestos, so on and so forth.

They could even write cover letters, resumes, and recommendation letters for clients!

  1. Creative Writer

This is probably the most diverse and exciting type of writer. It’s about following and breaking the rules. Creative writers unleash their inner originality and creativity in their writings.

They write poems, dramas, poems, comics, literature (fiction and non-fiction), autobiographies, newspaper articles, magazine articles, feature articles, and editorial write-ups.

Shakespeares sonnets

Creative writers are also into screenwriting.

These types of writers need a lot of motivation, because of the pressure of being “creative” and coming up with something new.

  1. Content/Copy Writer

This type of writer writes articles for a website, blog articles, advertisements, marketing and promotional writings, and more.

They are similar to creative writers regarding writing formats.

These types of writers are usually freelancers.

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