The Similarities of a Painter and a Writer

Do you consider yourself more of a painter than a writer or vice versa?

It is a well-known fact that writers and painters are under the art category when we talk about professions. Although writers consider pen and words as their weapons and painters use paint and canvas as theirs, both actually have their similarities. Let’s enumerate them.

Hard working

These artists practice patience in their work. After all, they cannot accomplish their works by not giving much effort and time. Even though writers express through words and painters express through illustrations, both pour out their hearts and talents in every piece of art they make. As a result, both of them also make mistakes! Writers, in general, are prone to grammatical errors and painters, even those who aren’t drawing canvas, can make wrong strokes. In fact, here are some paint spraying mistakes painters do


Writer with typewriterWriters, specifically creative writers, express themselves and their emotions through the stories they tell and the characters they introduce. They commonly use their everyday situations as their inspiration for the events that happen in their stories. Most characters are also depictions of real people they know. Likewise, painters use the environment around them to illustrate a scene. Abstract painters also show their emotions through their works of art that have deeper meanings than usual. Writers and painters allow the people to feel what they felt while they were writing and painting.


light bulb and brain

Not only are they expressive, but painters and writers also challenge their viewers and readers into thinking beyond the box and analyzing every detail of the canvas or story. They even insert the tiniest of details to stimulate the readers’ and viewers’ critical thinking skills and imagination. Most of these artists do not present the meanings behind their work immediately to exercise their viewers’ and readers’ minds.


painter's hand with cups of pain

Both artists, by focusing on depicting current issues in the society, also inspire many to voice out their opinions. Most of the times, they are even the voice of those who cannot express their feelings freely. Painters and writers, with their strong beliefs and goal to change the world, commonly support advocacies for development. Because of this, they encourage other people, especially the youth, to open their eyes to what’s happening in the real world.

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