Top 3 Scroll Saw Books You Must Read

We’ve read about scroll saws in, and we’ve learned that they’re one of the most versatile sawing tools. They are safe to use, have a wide price range, and are efficient at what they do.

Because of their popularity, we decided to search for the three best books about it. And luckily, we found these:

Top 3: The New Scroll Saw Handbook Paperback

the new scroll saw handbook

Published in 2002 and written by Patrick Spielman, this book presents up-to-date information about how to maximize your scroll saw. The simplified instructions made it a popular and loved book by both beginners and experts. It’s an excellent publication that dealt with the history, use, and techniques of scroll saws.

Top 2: Big Book of Scroll Saw Woodworking

big book of scroll saw woodworkingAuthored by the Editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, this book is perfect for both novices and professionals. It features 60 inspiring projects that will surely get you going!

It presents simple and basic patterns for beginners and detailed portraits and compound cut pieces for experienced scrollers.

It’s an easy-to-comprehend book because the instructions are outlined step by step. You’ll even find the photos and patterns extremely beneficial as they help you perform the projects and encourage you to be creative.

This book boasts of its projects for the following:

  • Beautiful compound-cut chess set
  • Detailed keepsake portraits
  • Elegant baskets & boxes
  • Inlaid earrings and salt & pepper shakers
  • Intricate fretwork shelf
  • Lifelike intarsia puppy
  • Unusual puzzles and toys

The tips, techniques, and patterns in this book make it an excellent reference for any scroll saw task.

Top 1: Scroll Saw Workbook, 3rd Edition

scroll saw workbook

Want to master your scroll saw in just 25 chapters? Read this book by John Nelson! Published in 2014, this publication is the best scroll saw reference ever! It boasts of its step-by-step cutting instructions and patterns and 25 skill-building chapters. It even includes all the information you need to know about equipment, procedures, materials, blades, and accessories. To boot, you can even learn scrolling techniques such as relief, inlay, stack cutting, compound, and segmentation!

It’s by far the most comprehensive book about the tool. With this in your hands, you can finish beautiful and practical projects with ease.

Everything you ought to know about scroll saw is in this publication—from the simplest to the most complicated methods you can ever find. Each chapter helps you apply all the skills you’ve learned so far, which means the skills required won’t shock you as you’ve already come across the techniques in the previous chapter. Your improvement will be gradual thanks to this book, and once you’ve finished the skill-building chapters, you’ll feel more confident and experienced to face any scroll saw project in the future.

Scroll Saw Workbook starts with the basics of cutting straight, jagged, and curved lines. Later on, it’ll teach scrollers more advanced methods like relief, inlay, and more. The project patterns include a fish silhouette, die-cut stationary, a hummingbird ornament, a butterfly with interior cuts, and a collapsible wooden basket.

The book even includes an objective guide about the available scroll saw models on the market today.