As much as saws are considered dangerous, these “actually” handy tools can also be amazing.

Here are some awesome stories about saws:

Wielding Centuries-Old Saws

Back in September 2015, E&E News reported this awesome story about saws in Colorado: sawyers wielded centuries-old saws, specifically crosscut saws, just to clear off a buried trail called Club Creek due to a violent wind incident in Arapaho National Forest.

Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards’ Bill Hodge also mentioned that using iconic tools such as those antique saws have some kind of power in it, considering that these tools could have been fully obsolete back then as chainsaws were more and more utilized each passing year.

Saw-Using Monkey

Humans are best known to be able to use different kinds of tools for home and work usage. But did you know that a monkey can also use tools like chainsaws in order to cut down trees, as well as spears to hunt down bush babies?

BBC One series “Spy in the Wild,” showed monkeys being able to live just like humans – or rather, being just incredibly smart, by using a chainsaw to cut down trees and spears to hunt for bush babies. What’s more, they are also the ones making the said spears!

These awesome stories about saws are simply amazing. You see, saws are not just for cutting down trees or for scaring people through horror movies like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Saws, most especially chainsaws, can be used for a lot of things. It can also be used for artistic purposes like carving wood sculptures.

Moreover, despite being one of the world’s most dangerous tools, saws are still considered as one of the handiest tools out there. There’s no need to be afraid when using it, so long as one knows how to use it properly and observe other safety measures to avoid complications or serious accidents that might cause impairment for life.

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